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Barflies: triptych Polaroid prints - Limited Edition
to Apr 29

Barflies: triptych Polaroid prints - Limited Edition

Barflies (video installation 2003) is a seminal three-screen installation performed by Chakravarthi offering representations of the different investments in femininities embodied by Transvestites/Cross dressers, the pleasures, fears and dangers of being in public 'en femme' and the particular dialectic relationship they have with the heterosexual male. Barflies was screened for most recently for LADA's Just Like A Woman programme for the City of Women Festival (Slovenia, 2013).

LADA marked its 15th anniversary in 2014, which it celebrated with a series of initiatives across the year. The anniversary activities provided an opportunity to reflect on the seismic shifts in Live Art practices and discourses that had taken place since 1999 through the lens of the Agency and its work.

For LADA’s 15th Anniversary limited edition series, George Chakravarthi has produced a mounted triptych of prints derived from his Barflies project. 


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The Ambidextrous Universe
to May 29

The Ambidextrous Universe

  • The House of St Barnabas (map)
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part of The Collective

Western culture has long associated the left with evil, a belief that has been reinforced by Christianity. Though it is difficult to pinpoint any specific reference to this in the Bible, the devil is depicted as being left-handed, saints are said to have refused feed from their mother’s left breast and painters of the Last Judgment depict God pointing to heaven with His right hand and to hell with His left. Eastern religions/spiritual imagery, mostly, tend to focus on union, equilibrium, balance and symmetry, aspiring to an ambidextrous philosophy.

Algorithmic, fractal and recalling spiritual architecture, this new work, (part of a new, ongoing visual research, ‘The Ambidextrous Universe’), examines the deterioration of the body caused by disease, the blossoming of recovery and the alleviation of epiphanies.

The House of St Barnabas

1 Greek Street

London W1D 4NQ

By appointment only:


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