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I Feel Love! 

London, UK - 2009







I Feel Love! an outdoor durational performance, examines ways in which the body is traditionally portrayed in public sculpture, memorials and popular culture.

I Feel Love! is a contemporary interpretation of the dance marathons popularised in the USA during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The lure of cash prizes and fame at these events attracted individuals and fading stars hit hard by the economic crisis to participate in these exhausting events by dancing until they dropped.

Chakravarthi performs as his alter ego Johnny Shekontai, an exhibitionist and aspiring porn-star. The work examines the solidity and architecture of a public space in relation to the fragility and endurance of the body, the pre-Aids hedonistic queer culture of the 1970’s, the coming of age and emergence of Black and Asian artists in the 80’s and the post modernist perspective of the 90’s fueled by designer drugs, policed sexualities and nostalgia - articulated from beginning to end to the anthem of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love!