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Andhaka (the blind one: Sanskrit)

A live one-to-one durational performance

Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2013

 "Who feels it knows it. It's concealed in the moment…"

A one-to-one performance experience and deliverance of the feared divine female. Kali, the feminine force, is the Hindu goddess of destruction and creation, and an archetype of the non-conformist female figure across many religions and cultures including Lilith in Jewish mythology, Sheela Na Gig in paganism and Nephthys of ancient Egypt.

This new intimate and immersive durational work seeks to determine the various notions of fear and epiphany, the demise of the external with the ignition of the internal and the construct of these fierce feminine metaphors in historic, mythological and cultural manuscripts seated in the subconscious mind.

As a one-to-one performance, individual participants enter a blacked-out space and feel the unknown force of a presence for a length of time. Imagination and illusory senses conjure hallucinatory images that seemingly appear in the dark. During some performances/experiences the space is flooded with light to reveal the performer (the goddess) and unite with the her in a short interaction.

Continuous sound throughout the performance accompanies the journey through the Yoni to the Sun.